About us

The Paperclip Clothing Company ® is a Belgian company founded in 2014. The soul and purpose of this company is reflected in its products. The aim of the Paperclip Clothing Company ® is to offer premium garments that are exclusive in nature as well as respectful for the environment and society.

The key fundament for the Paperclip Clothing Company ® is the customer. We do not consider customers as such, but as members of the Paperclip family, which we want to help express their uniqueness through their clothing by offering them very exclusive but affordable garments

Exclusivity is guaranteed by the uniqueness and limited availability of each and every design. Every creation will be produced in limited runs only. Further personalisation is possible upon request guaranteeing a totally unique piece of clothing. Our creative minds are at your service to realise your fashion dreams by concretising your wildest ideas and strongest desires.

The Paperclip Clothing Company ® solely offers high quality products that are not only environmentally friendly but also socially responsible. Therefore we only work with partners that are part of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organisation that aims to improve working conditions for garment workers. The environmental aspect is certified by the use of organic and environmentally friendly resources.

Usually, exclusivity and high quality comes at a price. A high one at that, especially combined with an environmental and social responsibility. But this is where the Paperclip Clothing Company ® stands out. We strive to offer our customers all of these benefits, but without the usual excessive price tag, because our customers are part of the Paperclip family, and you only want the best for your family.

Therefore, the  Paperclip Clothing Company ® brings you original and exclusive creations that reflect and display your own personality and character together with environmental and social peace of mind.